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Hear from Our Customers

Kyle Burns, Owner, Absolute Zero Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.
It's the best thing I could have gotten for being able to get more jobs and get jobs at a higher price. The customers are blown away by it and I've increased my sales dramatically after using this program. It's very professional, it's so easy to use and it already has all the equipment.
Rick Vassallo, Owner, Air Quality Control
It has helped technicians to easily provide quotes to customers with correct pricing and our sales have gone up substantially as a big part of OnCall Air. It's easy for them to choose products that fit the needs of the customer that they're at.
John Ramirez, Service Manager of Hal Air Conditioning
I just fell in love with it and it just makes the proposal process simple. Probably the best features I love about OnCall Air is the system match-ups it does, how it gives you the SEER ratings, it tells you if the equipment's in stock. It just makes it simple.
Rhet Lee, Owner and Operator, L3 HVAC
It just made it a breeze. I can do an estimate in less than probably two minutes on site. My favorite feature about OnCall Air would be the integration with inventory, with their site, all the real time data, pricing structures and everything.
William Morris, Owner, Morris Heating and Cooling
Your company is going to do nothing but grow, be more professional, separate itself from the competition. OnCall Air has been the best thing that I have ever done in business in 20 years, by far. And the homeowners love it. They click the button, it's all there.
Elio Bonifaz, Office Manager, VP's Heating, Plumbing & Air
We started selling equipment twice as much as we were before and it was great. It's very easy to use, very user-friendly. The monthly membership really for what you're getting back, it's a steal. It's very good.

OnCall Air has been the best thing that I have ever done in business in 20 years, by far.

Gus Guarnere Jr., Service Manager, G & G Mechanical Contractors
Just the ease of it. It's just a great program. Our favorite feature of OnCall Air is probably the bundles. So I can just pick a bundle, bring it up to budget, good, better, best. Very, very user-friendly.
Steve Boehmer, Owner, Boehmer Heating & Cooling Co.
We loved the way that OnCall Air was able to build proposals easily. We loved the easy setup, we liked the way the proposal presented and then the way that you can add recommended items. We love the fact that you can apply for financing right from the app.
Chris Markoe, Owner, Markool Heating & Cooling
One thing OnCall Air did for us is offer better tracking so I could see what homeowners were looking at, I was able to offer multiple options. And then with the financing integrated into it, I'm able to offer them financing with a cash discount, which I love.
Lori Novak, Owner. Wally's Heating & Air Conditioning
With OnCall Air, you don't have to use another software to go find the equipment to see if it's available. You see already what's available, so you know what you can provide to your customer in a proposal. Writing a proposal is so much easier.
Joe Ellenberger, Sales Manager, D & K Heating & Cooling
The need was there for something electronic, easy to read, easy to operate, and OnCall Air checks all the boxes. We've been able to increase the number of sales calls we could run in a day and make it a more efficient process.
It automatically updates models numbers, pricing, SEER, EER right into that software. So it took all that manual process out of us having to do it in a spreadsheet and we're able to see right then and there what those match-ups are without having to go to another source.

The customers are blown away by it and I've increased my sales dramatically.

Logan Conway, Owner, Comfort Systems Heating & Cooling
It saved us tons of time and raised our bottom dollar a lot with selling units and IAQ products. The biggest feature I enjoy is just the ease. All of my service techs are selling service techs, for them to be able to be on a call and give their customer a quote and it only takes them five minutes to do it.
Brian Lusk, Owner, Lusk Heating & Air Conditioning
The pricing is updated immediately if there's a change, the model numbers are there so you can search through everything. My customers love the OnCall Air. They can look at the brochures online, look at the pictures, see what they're getting or what they want to choose.
Carson Rush, Owner, Norm's Plumbing and Heating
We chose OnCall Air because of the good, better, best scenario, as well as the integration with our purchasing program. My favorite feature is the financing aspect of it, it'll show how much monthly the system will cost and you can compare good, better, best.
Becky Chapman, Owner, Comfort Technology Inc.
We cannot tell you how extraordinarily pleased we are with the product that OnCall Air has offered to us. It gives us flexibility. All of our techs can do all estimating when they get there to the home. It's just been really a time saver for us.
Nolan Eller, Owner, Carolina Comfort Air
I think a large percentage of our jobs that we're currently getting now is attributed to just having that platform. Cause our competitors, they're not embracing technology. We can own the market share in our area and just provide that next level experience.
Jason Humphrey, Owner, Down East Heating & Air Conditioning
We love the easiness of it. We love how you can pick and choose what equipment you're wanting to offer. Our technicians, we let them sell off the OnCall Air app and we've seen our sale ratings go up. Getting started with the OnCall Air app was an easy process for us.

It just made it a breeze. I can do an estimate in less than two minutes on site.

Laurie Jones, Owner, JPH Air Conditioning & Heating
OnCall Air seems to be the best. It's the most information, the customer support is right there if we need it and it's easier to sell a job right there. Anything the customer asks, it explains in detail every question they could think of about the unit. It's right there for them.
Robb Cranston, HVAC Dept. Manager, Aurora Pro Services
It's all interactive so you can take that customer on the journey to make sure that you're fulfilling all their needs. It's really easy to put together, it's really easy to manage. You can even do it on the fly at the customer's house if you need to add a new product.
Matthew Kramer, Owner, Horizon Heating
The product seems robust, easy to work with, and very natural. It fits with a lot of our processes already. With the integration with our suppliers, it was really easy to see how it would be a good tool to fit with the products that we normally sell. So far, the team's been really helpful.
Jake Angel, Owner, Angel Air Cooling & Heating
It is pretty much the only way to sell product in my opinion. We can do everything from sending site unseen estimates to us out in the field are able to modify and make an estimate on the fly. Really makes it super efficient. Plus, not to mention the fact that OnCall Air is with your Housecall Pro. So it integrates real nicely.
Eddie Simmons, Residential Sales Manager, Bass Air Conditioning Co.
We're able now to separate ourselves from our competition with these enhanced digital proposals. The best year that I've ever had in sales was my first year with OnCall Air. Do yourself a favor, allow OnCall Air to come in, set up your business where you can use digital proposals and start being the best you can be.
The initial stressor was, wow, we're gonna take on a new platform in the busiest part of the year, but we found that it actually lessened their workload. Now everything is on one platform, from an employee standpoint, they could focus more on the task at hand and the communicating with the customer.

The monthly membership, for what you're getting back, it's a steal.

Mike Weightman, HVAC Service Manager Celtic Air
We like the presentation, the choices that it gives you and the experience that the homeowner gets. One of the better features of the program is that it's really almost like a shopping list where you can go through it, you can pick your equipment, add your accessories, and build your system from a list.
Eric Smith, Owner, Ryman's Inc.
I like the ease, how quickly you can get things done. And honestly, my customers love how professional it looks. Everybody always tells me the same thing, how professional the proposals look, how easy it is to go through the proposal. It's working well.
Lisa Weller, TM, Temperature Equipment Corp.
I've had a lot of customers that switched over from the other proposal that we offer to this, and just the setup time, the way it works, it's easy to train their employees to use it. So they're just all happy. The program is so easy to use. It's just all around a great, great system.


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