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What’s New with OnCall Air

At OnCall Air, we love getting ideas from the team, our partners and our customers. But it’s even better when take those ideas and convert them into features you can use!

In this post, we’ll look at a some of these new features:

…and a quick preview of what’s coming soon


Live Tracking and Notifications

Ever send an email to a customer, and then wonder if they really got it? Would you like to know which option in your Good-Better-Best proposal your customer looked at?

With our new Live Tracking feature, you can now see the full history of activity on a proposal.

This will help you follow up more effectively, and give you unique insights into the sales cycle.

We also know that getting timely notifications is critical. So we’ve released our notification engine, and now your sales consultants or technicians will get an email alert as soon as a new consultation is assigned to them.

It’s a small but important enhancement, and it’s part of the unique Collaborative Selling features that are possible with OnCall Air.


Easier and More Powerful Accessory Options

At OnCall Air, we use the term Accessory for those items that you offer in addition to the base HVAC equipment. Examples include Thermostats, Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Smart Home Devices or even your unique services like Maintenance Plans, Duct Cleaning, or Energy Saving Audits.

And now, you can create proposals that include only Accessories, without having to select any equipment!

You can even use the Side-by-Side options to show your customer multiple options of Accessories.


Custom Accessories

When you need to create or manage those unique accessories — like maintenance plans or products you source independently — you no longer have to call our Customer Success team to create or make changes to those custom accessories!

But don’t worry if you get stuck or need some help, the awesome CS team is still here to help you if you have any questions on how to use the feature.


Ductless Systems

You can now use the power of OnCall Air to create single- or multi-zone Ductless proposals.

It’s pretty easy: select the outdoor unit on the equipment page, and then proceed to select one or more of the indoor units you’ll need on that proposal option.


Custom Equipment

We know that there are situations where you may need to offer other equipment brands for any type of system.

With our Custom Equipment feature, you can do just that. Just go into the Office administration system, and load the custom equipment options that you need. You can do this for any type of system, from a straight cool combination to a heat pump to a furnace or boiler product.


Enhanced Job Work Items (aka Installation Items)

We’ve also made a big improvement to the way our Installation Items feature works. Now, you’ll have more control over how the default items are included based on the type of system being proposed. And you or your sales team will be able to adjust the default items accordingly if needed.

So more power to save you time and spec your jobs just right.


Coming Soon

And we’re not slowing down. We have lots of great features in the works for the next few months…

(I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but some of these features include easier multi-system options, optional upsells, and the 4th option).

OnCall Air is more than just proposal software or a digital price book. Our goal is to be your Modern HVAC Growth Platform, with the tools that help your HVAC business close more sales, drive higher value, and save you and your team tons of time.

Our team — some of them pictured above — works tirelessly to build these new features and make sure you can use them to grow your HVAC business. So keep the ideas coming, and we’ll keep building and delivering!

If you’d like to learn more about these features or OnCall Air in general, schedule a demo with us today.