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OnCall Air Success Stories: NextGen Aire

A millenial HVAC entrepreneur with a vision

Matthew Girouard wants to push the mold of what HVAC contractors are all about. To that end, after working in the HVAC industry for 12 years, he started his own business, NextGen Aire, On August, 2018.

“Over the years, I saw contractors I worked with present whatever solution was going to be easiest or most expensive to their customers,” he recalls. “I didn’t like that.”

When he built NextGen, he had a different vision in mind. “I wanted to offer something different I didn’t see other contractors doing,” he explains, “a business that presents customers with ALL the options they have available to them.” 

Fueled by this idea, he zeroed in on his business’ goal: providing customers with a thorough consultative experience. “We ask a lot of questions about existing comfort problems our customers have in my business,” he explains. “And we walk them through the different available technologies and solutions they can take advantage of.”

Turning vision into reality

Three-months after starting his HVAC business, Girouard realized he had to find a better way of creating proposals.

At that time, he and his team were building quotes using Excel sheets to create the pricing for their systems. Plus templates for all the different systems and equipment.

“Our process was really archaic and slow and not enjoyable to do at all,” remembers Girouard. “We realized that adding an additional hour and a half to build an actual proposal on top of our consultation hours in a day wasn’t gonna work.”

Since he and his team were spending between 90 minutes to 2 hours with each client in consultations, he needed to find a faster, more efficient way to build proposals quickly.

Luckily, that’s when his Homans territory manager introduced him to OnCall Air.

As Girouard affirms, “I have always wanted to take advantage of technology to provide customers ease of access, comfort and assurance.

So after reviewing the platform, jumping onboard with OnCall Air was a no brainer.

The right solution

From the get go, Girouard experienced great results with OnCall Air. “Our business improved dramatically since we started using OnCall Air,” he says.

Ability to build faster proposals

Immediately, Girouard and his team were able to build proposals at a much quicker rate than before.

“It’s unbelievable how quickly I can deliver a really top of the line proposal to my customers in a very short period of time,” says Girouard.

Since his approach is to make very detailed proposals for each of his clients, at the beginning it took him 25 minutes to build a proposal. But now, he’s got it down to building a proposal in 15-minutes. 

Compared to his old process, OnCall Air proved to be aeons ahead of the game.

Another big bonus for Girouard is that in using OnCall Air, he’s also been able to promote his company’s brand.

“We want to demonstrate to our customers that we are a next generation HVAC company that uses the latest technology available to offer them highly customizable solutions,” he says.

In sending easy-to-navigate, sophisticated-digital proposals to his customers, Girouard reinforces that message to his customers.

Higher conversion rates and higher average tickets

“Our conversion rates have increased by 26% since using OnCall Air,” Girouard shares.

“Plus our ability to sell higher efficiency equipment has been incredible,” he adds. “We sell our best and what we call our next generation (i.e., highest-end systems) a lot more now, around 60 to 70% of the time.”

Before doing proposals with OnCall Air, he recalls, “we were lucky if we were able to get customers to get the better option.”

Girouard explains that his ability to provide customers with four proposal options right next to one another allows customers to make an easy side by side comparison. And the information that OnCall Air’s proposals provide makes it very easy to showcase the biggest benefits of each proposal.

As he puts it, “we’re able to show that a good system has a standard type motor, and the better system has a high-efficiency ECM motor, and so on. So it makes it easier for our customers to see the benefits of going with the better or the next generation option.”

Greater customer satisfaction

“Our customers really enjoy the way our proposals are presented,” says Girouard. “They really like how easy it is to navigate and actually flow through the proposal.

Describing the proposal, he explains that it is like one-continuous page, through which customers can easily scroll and click through all the options and product information he has sent them, just like one does on social media apps like Facebook or Instagram.

“The biggest thing for customers has been how easy it is to look at proposals from any device,” Girouard observes. “They’re able to look at a proposal from literally anywhere, and the proposals display really cleanly on all devices.”

Order equipment faster

Two other OnCall Air features Girouard loves are the proposal inspector and AHRI integrated matchups.

With the proposal inspector, he and his team can look at all the details of what’s included in the proposal his customers have selected when they close on a job (by e-signing their name and accepting the proposal).

“90% of the stock in materials and equipment that’s needed for the project comes from the proposal inspector,” he explains. “So we’re able to put together our bid sheet and everything we need for purchase orders in about 25 to 45 minutes.”

Before using OnCall Air, “it would take us an hour to an hour and a half to do this,” he recalls. “We’d have to look at a bunch of different places to compile all that information.”

Now, he says, “we can find all the information easily in the proposal inspector.”

Equipment information automatically updated in real time 

In Girouard’s opinion, one of the best features OnCall Air offers is that the software is integrated directly to his main distributor, Homans Associates.

“My equipment information, model numbers, serial numbers, pricing, everything is coming from my Homans distributor straight into the software,” he describes.

Thanks to this feature, he says, “I no longer have to deal with updating pricing when there’s a price increase. Or worry about double-checking if what I need for a job is available on inventory. Instead, everything is displayed in real time.”

“Best of all,” he adds, “this integration shows not only the model numbers of all the different equipment, but also comes with a certified efficiency rating for every system.” And this is great because me and my team can present to our customers a true, third-party tested number of how efficient their system actually is, he concludes.

Ambitious Plans for the future

In the end, Girouard’s motto is: “there are many different ways you can take care of a customer’s comfort.” Accordingly, he has built his company around a belief that every customer’s home requires a different solution, tailored-made to his or her needs.

And he believes this core idea will take him far. “In the next 10 to 15 years, I want to be one of the largest contractors in New England,” he shares.

Though he’s still on a journey toward this ambitious goal, Girouard credits OnCall Air to contributing a lot to his company’s success thus far.

“I recommend OnCall Air to almost every contractor that I talk to,” he says. “The platform is incredible. It is a really high-end tool that delivers really great content. And it it priced absolutely phenomenally.”

“I can truly say that we have changed the way we operate because of OnCall Air,” he adds. “And the support from the OnCall Air team has also been first-rate.”