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Bootcamp Promotion Terms

OnCall Air Bootcamp Promotion Terms

Last Update: May 19, 2021


OnCall Air is a software designed for HVAC contractors. The terms of service for the software (“OnCall Air Terms”) are available at the oncallair.com website. This document is intended only for enrolled customers who have opted into the promotional OnCall Air Bootcamp program. This document does not replace the OnCall Air Terms, except with respect to the description of the Trial Period.


The Bootcamp Promotion is an optional program that a new customer that signed up for OnCall Air after August 28th, 2019 can enroll in during the signup process.

If a customer opts into the Bootcamp Promotion, it replaces the standard 30-day Trial Period with the opportunity to earn up to three calendar months of free service. 

The promotional free months are earned based on the completion of two tasks, which must be completed by the respective target date, and within the first month from the “Kickoff Date”. The Kickoff Date is the date that the “Welcome Email” (containing the initial login credentials) is sent to the customer.

Completion of task 1 earns one month of free service and completion of task 2 earns two months of free service. Satisfactory completion of all events is at the sole discretion of OnCall Air.

Task 1: Kickoff Call. Satisfactorily complete the Onboarding Kickoff Call within 15 calendar days of receiving the Welcome Email. The target date will be communicated by the OnCall Air customer success team in the initial Welcome Email.

Task 2: Closed Sale. Satisfactorily complete Task 1  and obtain at least one (non-test) accepted, verifiable sale using OnCall Air by the end of the Task 2 Target Date, which is within 30 calendar days of Kickoff Date. The Customer Success team may request a copy of the customer invoice to verify the completion of the task.

If none of the events are completed, the standard billing cycle begins 10 days after the Kickoff Date.


This a promotional program.

It may be discontinued, altered, or paused at any time at the discretion of OnCall Air.

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