Flexible Pricing Tiers

Our pricing is set with the HVAC industry in mind. Your monthly price adjusts automatically based on your usage. See below to review the four tiers.

Pricing adjusts to your usage

Up to 15 Proposals

Up to 15 Proposals $79/mo

The tier you fall into will vary month to month. It all depends on how much you use the system!

16-40 Proposals

16 - 40 Proposals $179/mo

Since you don’t have to commit to a tier, you get all the system’s features no matter the usage. Each tier comes with unlimited users.

41-75 Proposals

41 - 75 Proposals $269/mo

The usage is based on presented equipment proposals, all service and accessory-only proposals are unlimited and don’t count towards your usage.

76-500 Proposals

76 - 500 Proposals $459/mo

We thought about your business, as the seasons change so does the value you can get out of the software, our flexible usage model ensures we are aligned with our customers.

What do you get?

Unlimited Users

Automatically Receive New Feature Updates

First Month FREE

No Annual Contract

Unlimited Accessory and Service Proposals*

Access to Customer Success Team for Questions, Support, and Consultations

Flexible Pricing Tiers - Never Locked In

Custom Tailored for your business

Our Customer Success Team will help set up OnCall Air so it works for your business

  • Kickoff Call & Orientation
  • Guided Setup
  • Customizations
  • Training for Team
  • Includes First Month
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Common Questions

Q: How do I know which Tier to choose?
A: You don’t! Our pricing is flexible and there are no set tiers. At the end of each month you will simply “fall” into a tier option based on usage. Your monthly cost can vary based on usage of the system which is gauged by “Presented” proposals.
Q: What is an Accessory and Service Proposal?
A: This is any proposal that is presented without equipment. These types of proposals don’t count towards your presented proposals that month. Examples include: Standalone IAQ Devices, Service or Maintenance Plans, or Extended Warranty sales.
Q: Is there an annual commitment?
A: No, there is no annual commitments. You simply pay the one time set up fee and then month to month based on usage of the system.
Q: What counts as a Presented Proposal?
A: Presented proposals are proposals that have been presented to the customer for acceptance. Any proposal that provides the customer with an equipment options(s) will be counted towards your presented proposals. If you edit and re-present a proposal to a customer, it still only counts as one presentation.
Q: Is there a minimum and a maximum?
A: Yes, the OnCall Air pricing model starts at a minimum as listed in the graphic above.
Q: Is there a free trial version of the system?
A: Because the system has to be customized to your company for full benefit, we do not have a free trial version. However, we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, which includes 30 days of unlimited proposals. If you are not satisfied with the system in the first 30 days, the one time set up fee is full refundable.