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Bass Air Conditioning Services

Fayetteville, NC

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Tech-Driven Excellence

The Bass Air Conditioning team believes innovation  is an essential part of achieving and maintaining success. Whether its using a dispatch software, or managing their sales through OnCall Air, Bass Air Conditioning has committed to incorporating new HVAC technologies that make their service more efficient and professional. 

Bass Air Conditioning Innovation
Bass Air Conditioning Reputation


71+ years in business

Since Woodrow Bass opened Bass Air Conditioning in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1952, the company has been recognized with countless awards for their excellence in HVAC. Yet, what the Bass team is really proud of is the positive impact they’ve had in their community, serving families in their hometown over multiple generations, and providing them with the world class customer service that the Bass Air Conditioning name is recognized for. 


A passion for Their trade

Bass Air Conditioning has a large team of certified professionals with a passion to serve their customers and make sure they are happy with their jobs. Many of these team members have been with Bass Air for decades, including their senior technicians. They are the ones passing the baton to the newest generation, providing expert training to younger techs, and empowering them to go out in the field and excel. 

Bass Air Conditioning Identity

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Bass Air Conditioning

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