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ONCALL AIR Customer First Award Winner

AMHAC (All Makes Heating & AIR CONDITIONING corporation)

Eastchester, NY

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Tech-Forward Approach

For as long as they’ve been in business, the AMHAC team has not shied away from trying out and testing new technological innovations in the HVAC field. That boldness has contributed to their success. Case in point, their adoption of the OnCall Air sales platform has helped them get quotes out fast and increase customer satisfaction. 

AMHAC General Manager discussing with dispatch person - OnCall Air Customer First Award Winner
Three generations of business owners at AMHAC - OnCall Air Customer First Award Winner


Trusted Excellence

AMHAC has cultivated a stellar reputation in the many communities they serve in the Tri State Area. In the six decades they’ve been in business, the three-generation family-owned business has remained steadfast in their commitment to deliver the highest level of comfort solutions to their customers. That commitment has translated into loyal customers that recommend AMHAC to their friends and neighbors. 


Values That Define

The AMHAC team has set themselves the ambitious goal of being champions in whatever they take on. Accordingly, they’ve earned multiple prestigious awards – including our very own OnCall Air Customer First Award – and will continue to set new goals for themselves every year, including which new award to go after and what HVAC technology to embrace next! 

Three AMHAC team members posing at their warehouse - OnCall Air Customer First Award

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