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OnCall Air Customer First Award Winner

SKY HVAC - NOW call dad!

Charlotte, NC (HQ)

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Welcome to OnCall Air Customer First Award Winner Call Dad Heating & Cooling spotlight page. Formerly known as SKY HVAC, Call Dad has always made customer service their top priority. 

Embracing innovation has been a game-changer for Call Dad AC & Heating. They’ve transitioned from handwritten quotes to leveraging the power of the OnCall Air sales platform, creating digital proposals that can be emailed directly to customers. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve and adopting innovative solutions is a testament to their dedication to serving their customers better.



track performance

Since its inception in Charlotte, NC, in 2013, Call Dad AC & Heating – then called SKY HVAC – has experienced impressive growth. Today, they boast locations in eight cities across North and South Carolina. Their secret? A continuous focus on assessing performance at every location and a genuine desire to serve. As Katie Biddle, their Head of Customer Experience, puts it, they treat customers with a “servant’s heart”.


build team culture

Call Dad AC & Heating is also addressing industry challenges head-on. Recognizing the shortage of technicians, they launched an in-house three-year apprenticeship program. This unique approach not only equips participants with technical skills but also immerses them in the company culture. By the end of the program, they’re not just great technicians – they’re ambassadors of Call Dad’s commitment to excellence and customer service.

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If you live in the Carolinas and need HVAC services, don't hesitate to contact call dad.

They have the desire to serve and treat you with a "servant’s heart".


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