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Frequently Asked Questions (CE Customers)

OnCall Air / Frequently Asked Questions (CE Customers)

General Questions

What type of HVAC Dealer is OnCall Air best suited for?

OnCall Air is designed to help a wide variety of HVAC dealers of all sizes grow their business. However, it’s not a fit for all dealers.

The criteria for enrolling in OnCall Air include the following:

  • Active CE Customer – The OnCall Air system is currently only available to active Carrier Enterprise Dealers.
  • Digital Adoption – HVAC dealers seeking to deploy digital proposals for the majority of sales. While proposals generated via OnCall Air may be printed, it is not the ideal method of presenting a proposal, and the system is certainly not intended as a printed price book.
  • Proposal Presentation – OnCall Air accommodates up to 3 side-by-side proposals in a single presentation.
  • Pricing Strategy – The OnCall Air system has flexible pricing options, but fundamentally relies on the Gross Margin target rate as a starting point. Additionally, OnCall Air is not meant to replace a detailed job costing engine.
  • CE-Sourced Equipment – With OnCall Air, dealers may offer any brand of equipment sourced via CE. And in August of 2017, OnCall Air enables a CE Dealer to also offer third-party branded equipment as well.
  • Growth! – Ultimately, OnCall Air is for HVAC dealers that seek to grow their business!

All of these criteria will be discussed in an Enrollment call, as discussed in the Getting Started section of the site.

What is the CE Connector?

The CE Connector is a unique technology that connects to the Carrier Enterprise E-Commerce site so that a CE Dealer’s product, availability, and pricing information is automatically available.

What types of systems can be quoted with OnCall Air?

OnCall Air supports the creation of proposals for the equipment combinations listed below.

  • Split AC or Heat Pump + Fan Coil
  • Split AC, Coil & Gas Furnace
  • Small Packaged Units (Hybrid, Gas, AC, & Heat Pump)
  • Hybrid / Dual-Fuel Heat Pump & Furnace
  • Ductless Systems (Single and Multi-Zone)
  • Boilers
  • Water Heaters
  • Split Air Conditioner & Evaporator Coil
  • Standalone Furnace, AC, Heat Pump, Air Handlers, or Evaporator Coils
What brands of HVAC equipment are available with OnCall Air?

OnCall Air supports the creation of residential HVAC proposals including Carrier, Bryant, and Payne-branded equipment, including the automatic update of cost, pictures, product information, and AHRI matchups.

With the Custom Equipment feature, OnCall Air also enables proposals for third-party brands as well (in this case, the information is loaded by the dealer and is not automatically updated. AHRI matchups are also not enabled for Custom Equipment).

Creating & Building Proposals

How many side by side proposals can I create in one consultations?

You can create proposals that include either one, two or three side by side options. 

Can I include my Custom Service or Maintenance or other unique Services in a Proposal?

Yes. As part of your onboarding, our Customer Success team will even create a custom badge that highlights your unique services. This helps your proposal stand out from the competition.

What brands of Accessories can I offer with OnCall Air?

Accessories — such as thermostats, IAQ devices, or smart home systems — can be offered from any brand, whether they are sourced via the CE Connector, or loaded by the Customer Success team.

Does OnCall Air automatically calculate AHRI matches?

Yes, for most system combinations OnCall Air will calculate the appropriate match. The system combinations where AHRI matches automatically include: AC + Air Handler, Heat Pump + Air Handler, AC + Evap Coil + Furnace, Heat Pump + Furnace, and Furnace Stand-alone.

We do not currently match AHRI for Ductless systems or Boilers. We also do not match AHRI for custom or third-party equipment bundles.

What are the options for presenting a proposal to a customer?

You can either present the proposal directly from your tablet or laptop, or you can email a digital  leave-behind to the customer. You also have the option to print each proposal option if the customer is not able to receive the digital leave-behind.

Can I create proposals for multi-zone ductless/mini-split systems?

Yes, the system allows you to select the outdoor unit, and then multiple indoor units and accessories. However, there is currently no AHRI matching support for Ductless combinations.

Can I combine two types of system options in one proposal?

Yes, you can create a proposal that includes up to 3 options. Each option could be for a different system type, for example: A Furnace Only as one option, and a full AC + Furnace as a second option.

Can I create a proposal for a home with multiple systems?

Currently, If a home requires 2, 3 or more systems, each of those need to be created and presented as separate proposals. As an alternative, you may also use the customization features to specify the additional equipment included in a proposal.

Can I sell Equipment that is not offered via the CE Connector?

Yes, as of August 2017, you do have the ability to incorporate third-party brands using the Custom Equipment feature. To set up equipment from third-party (non-CE) brands, you’ll use the OnCall Air Office system to load and configure cost, product descriptions, models, and photos. The Custom Equipment feature does not automatically match on AHRI, and the product information does not automatically update the way that CE products do.

Pricing your Proposals

How does OnCall Air calculating pricing for proposals?

OnCall Air calculates the final price of the proposal — also referred to as the “Investment Amount” through a series of calculations. These calculations can be divided into 3 steps:

  1. First, the Base Equipment price is calculated, using a Target profit (gross margin)
  2. Second, the price of any Accessories are calculated and added,
  3. Third, job adjustments — known as Installation Items — can be included

Additionally, discounts, rebates, and financing amounts can influence the Investment amount on each proposal option.

Why does OnCall Air use gross margin to calculate the equipment sale price?

By setting your pricing automatically based on your desired gross profit margin, you increase the probability of meeting your net profit objectives since gross profit margin target should cover your overhead expense.

How are Accessories, like IAQ, service plans, and thermostats, priced?

Unlike the Base Equipment pricing, the Accessories are priced on a traditional markup scale that you determine. You can also override the markup scale and enter the exact sales price you want for any accessory.

Can I include rebates and discounts on a proposal?

Of course! Right before you present your proposal you have the option to add multiple discounts and/or multiple rebates to create the right incentives for the proposal.

Can I specify different prices for different regions or seasons, as an example?

Yes, you can create multiple Equipment Pricing profiles, that let you select a different set of pricing assumptions (margins, labor, material) on the fly. This could be used to manage pricing by season, by region, or whatever else may be your objective.

Can I offer financing options through OnCall Air?

OnCall Air does support financing options, so that you can present a monthly estimated payment alongside your proposal.

Technology Requirements

Can I create proposals from my smartphone?

While it may work on a larger smartphone screen size, we do not certify the software to work well on devices smaller than a tablet. The size of the screen is simply too small to effectively build a proposal. However, when you send a digital copy of a proposal to your customers, they can view your proposal on ANY device, including their smartphone screens!

What types of devices can I use to create proposals?

You can build proposals from OnCall Air from any small tablet or larger device that supports a web browser including: iPad, iPad Mini, Android tablets, Google Chromebook, Surface Tab Pro, all laptop and desktops.

What types of browsers can I use to create proposals?

OnCall Air supports many modern browsers that run on tablets, laptops, or desktops. For the best experience, we recommend using either Apple’s Safari browser or Google’s Chrome browser.
NOTE: We do not recommend using OnCall Air with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

What devices can a consumer / homeowner use to review proposals that I send them digitally?

Consumers may view proposals from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device. The proposal is automatically adjusted for the appropriate screen size. And they can also accept the proposal right from the device.

Getting Started

How do I sign up for OnCall Air?

Once you have reviewed the demo videos, or have had a one-on-one demo with OnCall Air, schedule an enrollment call to review your requirements and to answer any questions. Following the call, you’ll receive your Welcome Pack describing the onboarding steps.

How much does OnCall Air cost?

Please see www.oncallair.com/pricing for up to date pricing information.

What is involved in the onboarding process?

If you are not satisfied with the system after onboarding you can receive a full refund as long as it is within 30 days of signing up.

What if I’m not satisfied with the system after onboarding?

The onboarding process consist of three sections: configuration, training, and testing. First, OnCall Air’s Customer Success team works with you to configure your Business Settings and Equipment Strategy. Next the Customer Success team will provide trainings on any aspects of the APP that you may need assistance with. Once everything is setup to your liking, you can test  it out by creating “test bundles” to make sure everything is working properly.

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