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Your company is going to do nothing but grow, be more professional, separate itself from the competition. OnCall Air has been the best thing that I have ever done in business in 20 years, by far. And the homeowners love it. They click the button, it's all there.
Kyle Burns, Owner, Absolute Zero Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.
It's the best thing I could have gotten for being able to get more jobs and get jobs at a higher price. The customers are blown away by it and I've increased my sales dramatically after using this program. It's very professional, it's so easy to use and it already has all the equipment.
Rhet Lee, Owner and Operator, L3 HVAC
It just made it a breeze. I can do an estimate in less than probably two minutes on site. My favorite feature about OnCall Air would be the integration with inventory, with their site, all the real time data, pricing structures and everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the turn around time to get set up?

Depending on your comfort level, you can expect to be up and running in about 3-4 weeks. During this time, you will complete your kick-off calls with our Customer Success team, who will guide you through how to configure all of the necessary back office settings to be successful out in the field, such as your pricing engine and equipment bundles.

What types of jobs can I quote with OnCall Air?

OnCall Air is more than just a sales and proposal platform for new installs/replacements. With our FlexJob feature, you can also leverage OnCall Air’s and sophisticated pricing engine and professional proposal presentation for other job types, such as repairs, maintenance, service, commercial, electrical, plumbing, and more.

What HVAC brands can I quote with OnCall Air?

You can use OnCall Air to quote any brand of equipment. However, there are advantages to quoting equipment that you purchase from one or more of our connected distributors, including:

  • Live Pricing: Up-to-date purchase costs on all products from your connected distributor(s).
  • Availability: Product inventory numbers from the warehouse(s) that you purchase from.
  • AHRI Match Data: The latest SEER2 AHRI match information on connected systems.
  • Automatic Product Information: Images, videos, brochures, descriptions, and specifications on connected products.

You can still offer products that you do not purchase from one of our connected distributors on your OnCall Air proposals. You would be required to add and maintain pricing and product information for these non-connected products, but with our new dynamic file import and export features, managing non-connected products in OnCall Air has never been easier!

What type of HVAC dealer is OnCall Air best suited for?

OnCall Air is designed to help a wide variety of HVAC dealers of all sizes grow their business. However, certain dealers may be a better fit than others. OnCall Air is best suited for contractors with the following characteristics:

  • Active customer of one or more of our connected distributors. While non-connected products can certainly be offered in OnCall Air, there are advantages to offering connected products, such as live pricing, inventory availability, AHRI SEER2 data, and automatic product information.
  • HVAC dealer seeking to deploy digital proposals for the majority of sales. While proposals generated via OnCall Air may be printed, it is not the ideal method of presenting a proposal, and the system is certainly not intended as a printed price book.
  • HVAC dealer who offers up to 4 proposal options to their customers. OnCall Air accommodates up to 4 side-by-side proposals in a single presentation.
  • HVAC dealer seeking growth! Ultimately, OnCall Air is for contractors that seek to grow their business!
Can I offer financing through OnCall Air?

Absolutely! You can include up to 5 financing options from any lender(s) at one time on a proposal. Then, OnCall Air will calculate and display on the proposal an estimated monthly payment if the customer were to qualify for financing. You can also include any necessary disclosure information and even an application link for each financing option.

Does OnCall Air integrate with my field service management (FSM) software?

OnCall Air is designed to supplement your field service management software, not replace it. Many contractors who use FSM solutions seeing successful growth to their sales by using OnCall Air in addition to their existing FSM. OnCall Air also has direct integrations with Housecall Pro and ServiceTitan, two of the most commonly used FSMs across the HVAC industry, allowing for an even more streamlined sales process.

How many options can I offer on an OnCall Air quote?

You can offer up to 4 options however, you can also offer multiple systems in one option alone. You can also kinds of offerings across your 4 options the same proposal, such as positioning repair options vs replacement options.

Which distributors does OnCall Air connect to? Can I connect to multiple distributors at the same time?

Currently, OnCall Air connects to the following distributors:

  • Acme Refrigeration
  • Baker Distributing Company
  • Carrier Enterprise (CE)
  • East Coast Metal Distributors
  • Florida Cooling Supply (FCS)
  • Gemaire Distributors
  • Heating and Cooling Supply
  • Homans Associates
  • Peirce-Phelps
  • Temperature Equipment Company (TEC)

As long as you have an existing account with that distributor, you can absolutely connect your OnCall Air account to multiple distributors on this list, giving you access to live pricing, inventory availability, SEER2 AHRI match data, and automatic product information on those distributors’ products.

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