Less Hassle, More Profit

Taking your sales digital with OnCall Air will help you:

  • Close More Sales
  • Increase Order Value
  • Destroy your competition

Get a leg up on the competition

With the most effective sales proposal system

Digital Proposals

Will provide your customer with the modern experience they are accustomed to.

Homans Integration

Streamline your sales process with live product info, pricing and availability.


Help you keep track of your progress. Dashboard shows you conversions, financial and more!

Present winning proposals

Build customized, user-friendly proposals that convey your unique value proposition, and help you increase the profitability of your HVAC business.

  • Custom branded digital proposals
  • Side-by-side comparisons of multiple options
  • Digital leave behind lets customers accept remotely

Homans Connector Integration

Our exclusive Homans partnership allows us to link your Homans E-commerce site to your OnCall Air software and have live data available at your fingertips as you build your proposals.

  • Real-time pricing and inventory
  • AHRI Matches on the fly
  • Product Bundle Builder

Your HVAC Sales Hub

Manage your sales process in one place. OnCall Air gives you the power to centralize your sales process and provides you the analytics to track and improve your sales performance over time. Fully customize the system to your needs and simplify the growth of your HVAC business.

The OnCall Air Advantage

The tools to help you grow your business without all the headaches.

Ready to take your HVAC Business to the next level?