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OnCall Air Customer First Award Winner Badge

The OnCall Air Customer First Award

Get the Scoop On Our Exciting New Award 

2024 is off to a thrilling start! We’ve just launched the OnCall Air Customer First Award, a celebration of the best in our industry.

This award is a salute to HVAC business leaders who consistently go above and beyond for their customers. It’s our way of recognizing their hard work, dedication, and innovation.

Want to know more about the award and who’s won so far? Keep reading!

Our customers are our inspiration

OnCall Air is more than just a powerful HVAC sales tool. It’s a community.

Since our 2007 launch, we’ve seen how our sales tool has helped businesses increase their sales, save time, and become more efficient.

It’s been an amazing journey watching our customers grow their businesses using OnCall Air. And evolve our tool alongside them to meet their expanding needs. 

Your success stories inspire us. Now, with this award, we’re sharing them with the world!

Logo of the OnCall Air Customer First Award Winner, symbolizing recognition for innovative HVAC businesses



What is the OnCall Air Customer First Award? 

The OnCall Air Customer First Award is a digital badge of honor. You can display it on your OnCall Air proposal and your website. It’s a way to show everyone your commitment to top-notch customer service.

We choose winners who truly embody the spirit of the Customer First Award. These are companies that put their customers first, embrace innovations in the field, and have a strong brand identity.

Those who are awarded our badge also get a spotlight page on our website linking back to their company’s webpage, a video featuring their company, and social clips to share on social media.

What Makes an Oncall Air Customer First Winner? 

To be considered for the Customer First Award, you need to:

Be an OnCall Air customer

Currently signed up and an active user of the OnCall Air platform. 

Built a strong brand identity

A solid brand presence on multiple platforms, like your website, social media, and review platforms. 

Have a well-established reputation 

Recognized leader in your community and the regions you serve.

Embrace innovation 

Use innovative tools, like OnCall Air, to provide the best customer service.

How Can I Become Eligible for the Customer First Award? 

There are two ways to become eligible. 

You can nominate your own company or someone else can nominate you. This could be a team member, customer, member of the OnCall Air Customer Success team, or territory manager from a Watsco Subsidiary.

Once we have all the nominations, our team will evaluate them. We use an internal scorecard for this. You can get the full breakdown of our award rules on our Terms & Conditions  page. 

To nominate someone, visit: https://www.oncallair.com/customerfirst page

What happens if I’m nominated and chosen as a winner? 

First, we’ll let you know by email and phone. Then we’ll set up a meeting to record a video about your company. Once the video is done, and you’ve agreed to our award terms, we’ll email your OnCall Air Customer First Award Winner badge, spotlight page, and social media clips.

Meet our Award Winners 

Here is the award page with our OnCall Air Customer First Award Winners thus far: www.oncallair.com/customer-first/winners

Ready to shine? 

If you’re using OnCall Air, this is a great chance for your HVAC company to get noticed.

And if you’re looking for an HVAC sales software, why not give us a try? Check us out and schedule a demo at www.oncallair.com

We can’t wait to see who our next winner will be. You can enter all nominations here.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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