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The Best HVAC Business YouTube Channels to Follow

Running a successful HVAC business goes beyond technical skills and expertise. It requires effective sales strategies, pricing knowledge, and business acumen. Fortunately, YouTube is a goldmine for valuable insights and guidance on these crucial aspects. In this blog post, we present the best HVAC business YouTube channels, offering expertise in sales techniques, pricing strategies, and business management to help you thrive in the HVAC industry.


With over 250,000 subscribers, HVAC School is one of the most popular channels in the HVAC community. It covers a wide range of topics, including troubleshooting techniques, equipment reviews, and installation tutorials. The channel’s host, Bryan Orr, is an experienced HVAC technician and educator, known for his practical approach and easy-to-understand explanations.


Kelley McKay, a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry, shares valuable insights about his struggles and victories. On his YouTube channel, Kelley provides free training and valuable tips to help aspiring service business owners grow their ventures. By learning from Kelley’s expertise and proven strategies, you can significantly enhance your chances of not only surviving but thriving in the competitive HVAC industry.


The Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) YouTube channel provides a wealth of resources for HVAC business owners. Their content encompasses various aspects of business management, including sales training, marketing strategies, financial management, and customer service. EGIA’s expertise in the HVAC industry makes this channel a valuable resource for growing your business.


The HVAC Sales Academy, created by Weldon Long, provides HVAC contractors with convenient online access to powerful HVAC sales and service training programs. The HVAC Sales Academy offers ongoing weekly coaching programs to ensure that sales and service technicians effectively implement revenue-enhancing strategies during interactions with homeowners at the kitchen table, where it matters the most.


HVAC Shop Talk, hosted by Zack Psioda, focuses on various aspects of running an HVAC business. This channel covers topics such as sales strategies, pricing models, marketing tactics, and business operations. With discussions, interviews, and Q&A sessions, HVAC Shop Talk offers practical advice and real-world insights from experienced HVAC professionals.


The Service Business Mastery Podcast on YouTube, hosted by Tersh Blissett and Josh Crouch, offers a wealth of knowledge and insights for service business owners, including HVAC professionals. While not exclusively focused on HVAC, this channel covers a wide range of topics relevant to running a successful service-based business, such as sales strategies, pricing models, customer service, and business operations. With interviews featuring industry experts and entrepreneurs, this channel provides valuable advice and actionable tips for HVAC business owners.


Blue Collar Nerd, hosted by Richard Kohberger, is a valuable resource for HVAC business owners seeking practical advice and insights. Richard shares his expertise in running a successful service-based business, including topics such as sales techniques, pricing strategies, marketing, and technology integration. With a focus on leveraging digital tools and platforms to streamline operations and enhance business growth, the Blue Collar Nerd channel offers valuable tips for HVAC business owners looking to stay ahead in the industry.


Hosted by Thaddeus and Evan, this YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing insider secrets and strategies for success in the HVAC industry. From sales and marketing tactics to pricing strategies and business growth tips, HVAC Success Secrets Revealed offers valuable insights from experienced professionals. By following this channel, HVAC business owners can gain practical knowledge and inspiration to take their businesses to new heights.

By following these channels, you can gain valuable insights, enhance your sales skills, optimize pricing structures, and effectively manage your HVAC business for long-term success. Remember to utilize these resources and adapt the knowledge to your specific business needs, keeping in mind the evolving HVAC industry landscape.

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