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Introducing the E-Tag: OnCall Air's New Efficiency Savings Calculation

Introducing the E-Tag: OnCall Air’s New Efficiency Savings Calculation

At OnCall Air, we are committed to providing HVAC contractors with tools that make their sales proposals more efficient, understandable, and valuable to their clients. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new feature – the E-Tag.

What is the E-Tag?

The E-Tag is a tool that calculates the potential savings of a new, higher efficiency HVAC system. But it doesn’t stop at financial savings; the E-Tag also calculates the potential CO2 savings.

Why Does the E-Tag Matter?

In an age where homeowners are increasingly conscious of both their wallets and their environmental footprints, the E-Tag matters because it puts complex HVAC efficiency data into clear, easy-to-understand terms. It not only speaks to potential cost savings but also provides a tangible measurement of the environmental impact.

How Does the E-Tag Work?

The E-Tag calculates the efficiency rating of the matched system and uses the location’s zip code to determine the average heating and/or cooling hours, along with the average cost of energy in that region. It compares these factors with the dollar and CO2 costs of an average system sold 15 years earlier to give an accurate baseline for comparison.

Introducing the E-Tag: OnCall Air’s New Efficiency Savings CalculationIntroducing the E-Tag: OnCall Air’s New Efficiency Savings Calculation Note that while the E-Tag provides a comprehensive guide, the actual savings will vary due to many influencing factors.

The Importance of CO2 Savings

Reducing CO2 emissions is crucial for slowing the pace of climate change. HVAC systems typically consume a substantial percentage of a home’s annual electricity. Thus, by operating a more energy-efficient system, homeowners can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In essence, a more efficient HVAC system can be both a personal and environmental win!

Positioning E-Tag with Customers

The E-Tag can be an essential tool in your discussions with customers. It provides a more informative and comprehensive understanding of the benefits of higher efficiency HVAC systems. And as a contractor, you have the control to decide when to use this feature, enabling you to tailor the information to individual customer scenarios.

When you present a quote with the E-Tag, the system also includes a customer-friendly help section which is intended to clearly explain what the Savings Potential means, why it matters, and how it’s calculated. This is intended to educate your customer and create confidence that they understand what the savings potential is – and what it isn’t.

Savings Potential Explained

What Makes the E-Tag Unique?

The E-Tag difference lies in its dual approach to calculating savings. It provides an estimation of both financial savings and the potential reduction in CO2 emissions. This two-pronged approach provides homeowners with a fuller picture of the benefits of an efficient HVAC system.

At OnCall Air, we’re here to help you leverage technology to serve your customers better. We’ve created the E-Tag with your needs in mind, helping you give your customers a modern, informative, and visually appealing experience.

To learn more about how the E-Tag can benefit your business, we invite you to schedule a demo with us. Experience firsthand how this feature can enhance your service offerings, enabling you to provide your customers with meaningful, valuable information about their HVAC options.

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