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New OnCall Air Features

New OnCall Air Features: Multi-Financing Options & Permissions

We have added two game-changing features to improve your experience with OnCall Air. Introducing Multi-Financing Options and All Consultations Permission.

Multi-Financing Options

OnCall Air users now have the ability to offer multiple financing options on individual quotes to their customers. With this new functionality, customers have the flexibility to choose the financing plan that best fits their needs, making the buying experience even more tailored and personalized. Click here to learn more.


All Consultations Permission

The new View All Consultations permission can allow consultant-level users to view and manage consultations across the entire organization, without requiring full administrative access. This feature provides greater flexibility and control over user permissions while maintaining data privacy and security. Click here to learn more.

OnCall Air has dozens of powerful features not available in any other platform. Book a demo to supercharge your HVAC business. 

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