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What’s New at OnCall Air – Summer 2022

It's been a busy summer here at OnCall Air, and we're excited to share everything we've been working on!

Meet some of the team and see all of the new arrivals in OnCall Air in this video:

Below, we’ve also included a brief summary of all the content we share in the video.

New Product Features

Kat Markava, our Product Manager, kicks us off with a review of three new features recently introduced in OnCall Air:

  1.  InfoCard View: An improved view for your consultations, putting more information and actions at your fingertips.
  2. Advanced Filters: Improved filtering helps you find and sort the right quotes much more quickly.
  3. Lost Status: Track missed (or postponed) opportunities with the new lost status and tracking.

ServiceTitan Integration

In the next segment, Carmela Fermin from our Customer Success team will walk you through our new integration with ServiceTitan.

With this integration, you won’t need to re-enter the customer’s information when building the quote, and thanks to ServiceTitan’s auto-tag feature, you’ll be able to automatically tell OnCall Air to start a new quote based on the job type settings.

And once you’ve won that job in OnCall Air, we’ll automatically update the pending estimate in ServiceTitan to complete the cycle. You and your team will even have links to easily pull up the detailed OnCall Air inspector and the signed proposal.

Tips & Best Practices

Next up is Ben Feight, our Customer Success and Operations teams lead, with some tips on how to make the most our of OnCall Air with FlexJobs.

He’ll show you an example that perfectly highlights why FlexKobs are…well…flexible! In this example, you’ll see how you can build a placeholder FlexJob that you can change for any job.

This tip gives you the full flexibility to quote any type of job, AND the power of OnCall Air to win the job.

Customer Highlight

Adolfo Rodriguez from our Marketing team has put together our latest customer highlight video. We’re really proud to have Eddie from Bass Air Conditioning Co. in North Carolina share some of his experience with OnCall Air. He shares how OnCall Air has helped him grow his close rate and average sales value, while impressing his customers with an improved presentation. Thanks, Eddie!

Brand-Driven Selling Article

Finally, OnCall Air President, Ben Vides, breaks down our recent article with some tips about how to “think differently” when quoting a sales job. The article explains what we mean by Brand-Driven selling, and shares some practical ideas about how you can embed your brand in creative ways when quoting a job.

Read the full article here.

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