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Kevin McGrath and his team at Comfort Cavalry Heating & Air are loving OnCall Air and are seeing plenty of success with their HVAC estimates now. Kevin signed up for OnCall Air during the peak of the summer season. He was initially hesitant to sign up because he feared that getting started with a new sales platform would be too much for his team to handle during their busiest time of the year, but Kevin was not happy with his proposal presentation and felt he needed to do something to streamline his sales process. After taking the leap forward and adopting OnCall Air, Kevin actually found that not only did OnCall Air’s digital HVAC proposals platform provide the quality, professionalism, and interactivity that he was hoping to incorporate into his presentations, but it also significantly streamlined his sales process so much that it actually reduced his team’s workload! Kevin is happy to sign up for our HVAC estimating software when he did. Check out the video below to learn more about Kevin’s experience with OnCall Air as he highlights what it was like to get started with OnCall Air and what he’s come to love about our HVAC sales platform, such as the new FlexJob feature, OnCall Air’s unparalleled support team and ever-growing community, and the sales tool’s HouseCall Pro integration.

Why Kevin chose OnCall Air’s HVAC proposals and what it was like to get started: 

So we heard and found out about OnCall Air through a Facebook owners’ group. We reached out to them. We did a quick demonstration meeting and immediately we decided that it was a good fit for us. This was going back to last summer, so a year ago from today. The onboarding process was quite easy, quite simple, despite the fact that our current distributor is not connected live with the platform, so I’ve had to manually upload everything via the custom format, which is very simple, very user-friendly and easy to do. It did take some time, but I was able to get it completed through a busy season, so it was totally doable.  

The reason why we chose that platform, the OnCall Air platform, was we’re looking basically to streamline our presentation with our homeowners and our clients, and prior to doing it through OnCall Air, our technicians would use a three part or four part recommendation form, which worked out well, and it was categorized in a “Need To Do”, a “Should Do”, you know, things that should be taken care of while we’re out there also that are not necessarily keeping the equipment from operating, and then another option we offer is what that unit would cost to replace it. And then the fourth option would be the system replacement and what it would cost to totally replace the system as a whole. 

Why Kevin loves OnCall Air’s FlexJob feature for his HVAC proposals: 

What I like about OnCall Air’s ability to demonstrate that and present that to the customer, utilizing the FlexJob feature, which was released approximately a couple months ago, we’re not only limited to offering just equipment, but we’re also now with FlexJob able to offer the services we provide as well, whether it be, recharging the cooling system or replacing starting components on an air conditioner, an ignition system in a furnace or blower motor, or things of that nature. So now, because of FlexJob, we’re able to pair that up in our presentation, right alongside of the equipment offering, which now gives the homeowner or the business owner all of their options on basically one page or one standard sheet that is linked through to brochures and different descriptions of what those products and services are. 

What Kevin and the team found after starting with OnCall Air’s HVAC proposals: 

So, all of our field personnel utilize OnCall Air 100% in conjunction with the Housecall Pro platform, which is what we use to schedule and collect payment from our customers. The initial stressor was, “Wow, we’re going to take on a new platform in the busiest part of the year”, and people were freaked out about that and nervous and so forth, but what we found was that actually lessened their workload and the amount of paperwork that they had to do because prior to OnCall Air, they’d have questionnaire forms that they’d have to fill out or checklists that they’d have to fill out like an AC maintenance. And then if they had to present an option or an opportunity for replacement or repair, that was done on another form, and then it was just a lot of paperwork all over the place. And I felt that over the years, we were getting a lot of unanswered questions from our clients and customers that has been eliminated basically with the use of OnCall Air because now everything, like I said, is on one platform versus on multiple pieces of paper and different various descriptions. Everything’s in one place. And from an employee standpoint, they have a lot less responsibility now administratively, and they could focus more so on the task at hand and communicating with the customer, when offering these different various options.  

Kevin’s thoughts on OnCall Air’s support and community: 

The support from OnCall Air is amazing. Everything from their weekly Hangouts to their chat bubble, if you have a question, they always seem to get back to you in a timely manner. Every Friday they have a get together. It’s called a weekly hangout. It’s held over Zoom. For us, it’s at 1:30 Central Time. I really enjoy sitting in on those meetings. It seems like there’s a different group every time. It’s hard when everybody’s busy, but what’s nice about the meetings and what I gained from those meetings are a lot of different ideas and a lot of different ways that contractors utilize the OnCall Air platform that I would have probably never thought of on my own. And it also gives me time and opportunity to ask specific questions about the platform that I’ve been holding onto or that come up within those weekly meetings.

What Kevin is looking forward to: 

 So, recently, we’re excited to hear that OnCall Air and our local distributor, TEC, Temperature Equipment Corporation, is going to be incorporated into OnCall Air, which will bring us that live feature for our HVAC proposals and all the different benefits that come along with that. I think it’s going to be a phenomenal match up and a great partnership between the two, especially from a contractor standpoint, because it just streamlines the process even more for us, the contractor. Both companies are top-notch companies. They both really are in tune with their contractors and their customers and their clients. And they’re always available for answering questions and helping guide you along the way at different steps. 

Inside a Proposal Option
Recommend Items to the Customer
Inside a Proposal Item

How Kevin and his team use OnCall Air’s HVAC proposals integration with Housecall Pro: 

So OnCall Air integrates with Housecall Pro pretty seamlessly. We’ve been using Housecall Pro since 2016, so five years now, and OnCall Air for about a year. Why I enjoy both platforms is that they both listen intently to their customers, us, the contractors, and they’re constantly improving both platforms. The way the integration works is that our technicians use a tablet about this size or a 10-inch tablet or 12-inch tablet. And when they’re out at a customer’s home, and they’re in Housecall Pro, which is their schedule, which is what they use to see their schedule, clock in, clock out throughout the day, they can initiate HVAC proposals in OnCall Air by clicking a plus button in the Housecall Pro platform, which pushes all the customer data and information into the OnCall Air platform, and then they can go through and build out the proposal and submit it to the customer and show the customer. And then once the customer approves the proposal, then that approved proposal gets sent back over to Housecall Pro into the customer file as an unscheduled job, and you get a proposal inspector sheet like this, that goes over everything. 

Basically what we’ll do or how we use it here is our warehouse manager takes it, because we’re not live yet, takes it, orders the equipment, stages the equipment, prints it out with all the models and all the numbers and all the information that the job entails. And, they can also all be seen through the Housecall Pro platform, but just a couple ideas. One, it shows you the equipment, shows the different accessories that were purchased, and any added services and any added add-ons and things of that nature. As well as the other nice thing, real nice thing about this inspector, this one here doesn’t have any, but when the technician or the salesperson takes pictures of the job and uploads them to the HVAC proposal software, it stores that picture on the Proposal Inspector, and then it will carry over into Housecall Pro so that everybody on our team could see what the job is going to look like that they’re walking into, so it’s a really nice way to organize photos as well specific to specific jobs. 

(Click here to learn more about Housecall Pro.)

Kevin McGrath is loving OnCall Air and we can’t wait to see how he continues to grow his business with the HVAC sales platform. To learn more about all of the great features that have helped Comfort Cavalry streamline their sales process and HVAC proposals, click here to schedule a free demo of OnCall Air. 

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