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OnCall Air Success Stories: A tale of 4 contractors

In today’s Success Story, we put the spotlight on four HVAC contractors across the U.S. using OnCall Air to close more sales, drive higher value and save a ton of time. Here are their stories!

Close more sales

Since he started using the OnCall Air Sales Platform, Terry Zarling, from True Cool Air Conditioning Service, has been closing sales around the clock.

“I sell a lot more systems now, because I give customers a lot more choices,” says Terry. He adds with a chuckle, “And the funny thing is, because it looks so professional, people aren’t trying to bargain with me on price.”

With OnCall Air, you can build beautifully designed proposals in minutes. This way, you provide your customers with full product descriptions and even videos.

That’s because the platform allows you to send fully interactive digital proposals via email. Accordingly, customers have easy access to relevant product information, can select add-ons, choose financing options and accept proposals at any time, from any device. And contractors like Terry and his team can track everything customers do with the proposal.  

Terry is not the only contractor who has experienced great success using the onCall Air platform. Jerry Mannix, from Mannix Heating and Cooling, also describes how his sales team has built new follow-up strategies with the help of OnCall Air’s tracking function. 

 He recounts, “One of our sales guy is really good. He says every morning he wakes up at 8 a.m.. He looks at OnCall Air. And he goes through all the active proposals and checks to see if everybody’s looked at them that day. And then, if they have, he’ll pick up the phone.”

Drive higher value 

With OnCall Air, customers not only get full product descriptions which allow them to make more informed decisions. They can also select recommended products and build up to 4 different quotes inside a proposal. Think of it as a fair, better, best and fantastic options you can provide for your customers. 

“It’s kinda like the Amazon shopping cart,” says Zackery Lauwers from Aspire Heating and Cooling Electrical. “At the very bottom it has the add-ons. And since we’ve started using this feature we have been selling more accessories.”

He adds, “Since we now have a fourth option we’ve been selling more high-end in the middle, so it’s helped us improve on our sales in that aspect.” 

Save time 

Finally, OnCall Air saves contractors tons of time with its full integration with various subsidiary’s e-commerce platform. In this way, contractors get up-to-date product, pricing and inventory availability. 

“I used to have to spend hours and days putting price books together,” remembers Skip Farinas from GMC Air Conditioning. “With Oncall Air, you don’t have to do that because it literally links right to our suppliers. So, my costs are constantly updated.”  

Contractors around the country are closing sales with OnCall Air too

Like these four contractors, hundreds more across the country are closing millions in sales every week through OnCall Air. 

This is the ONE HVAC Sales platform that provides your customers with the buying experience they have come to expect in the digital age. 

Put simply, contractors who use OnCall Air, close more sales, drive higher value and save precious time. 

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